Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas giveaway!

This giveaway is going to be a little different. To enter:

1. Go to my etsy shop: Wainbows
2. Find your favorite thing in my shop.
3. Post the link here in the comments of this blog post
4. Please include: your email address or some way to contact you if you should win and who your favorite item would be for
5. Just to make it more fun, you can enter as many times as you want! Enter by leaving random comments on this blog entry after your initial comment!!

**I will draw a name on December 2, 2008.

**Winner will receive a special gift of my choice hehehe.

Good luck to all! :)


Kelly Boss said...

yeah! im the first to comment... too exciting! well it was between the hippos and your tutti fruti so i let me hubby pick..


cant wait to see who wins!!
thanks wainbow...

you can contact me through etsy..
or littlepapoose@gmail.com

Tiny Penguin Shop said...

Awesome giveaway!!

I love these:

They would be perfect for my little sister.
Good luck with your contest.

Thanks wainbow!
<3 tinypenguinshop@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see who wins.



would be for Chloe.

Thanks, Carrie

Jen Flora said...

i like... the bobby pins that are in your avatar the very best...

tutti fruiti... and also i love the hippos...

and they would be for ME to wear... because i want them

and here is my addy... not that you don't already have it


Anonymous said...

my favorite is the Tootie Frootie.


for me because the are way to cute to give away.


Red Bumble Bee: Exquisite Stationary Design said...

Hi. I met you in the Etsy :: Chat!

Love your stuff! I would choose this:


I would get two and keep one for myself and give the other one to my little sister. Her and I both love hippos. We have a "hippo" connection! :)

Great blog and I can't wait to see more- I am now following you.

** you can contact me through my shop www.theredbumblebee.etsy.com

Anonymous said...

I like this.


You can contact me on etsy.


Ashlee said...

I love the polka dots! I am a polka dot fanatic!


I can be reached at ADavis22_582@hotmail.com

otherlings said...

Oh fun! Well, I have more hair than I know what to do with, and my husband is bald, and we have no kids, so I too would keep the prize if I win.

I think I like these little ones best:

..and you can always convo me on etsy or at otherlings[at]gmail.com

Kelly Boss said...

im posting again...

my favorite thing is

andi would give them to my daughter... cause she wants a hippo potomus for christmas!!

you can reach me in my shop! or blog or email... hehe

Anonymous said...

Pffft my favorite is this:


Because uhm, snowflakes are awesome and everyone knows it! XD


Shari B. said...

I love this one!


contact me at shari@doohikey.com! :)

Shari B. said...

I also love this one!



Scarfmonsters said...

My favorite item in your shop is:


because they're just so cute. :) I wear hair clips all of the time so they'd definitely be for me.



Heather said...

Wow I cannot believe that you made me pick just one. I seriously love all of it so I had to chose at random.


I cannot wait to see who wins this. You know how you can contact me either MySapce, MB, facebook, Etsy ect. LOL

I can't wait to get my order and I promise to send you picks of Mekah in her knew bows!!!!

Heather and Mekah

Anonymous said...

Post #2 :)



those would be for me because, I like them that's why :)

Thanks, Carrie

Anonymous said...

*random comment*


The Iverson's said...

Well to pick one favorite is really tough! I LOVE all your bows!!!

My fav would have to be :

You know how to find me on myspace;)

The Iverson's said...

I forgot to add that my favorite items would be for my daughters because I finally found great bows that don't need to be taped into Brooke's baby fine hair!!!

Anonymous said...

*Random Comment*

Only 1 more day and about 20 more minutes until the giveaway!!!

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

oooh so pretty! i love your tea party set those would really brighten my day and my llok :OP all the best and good luck everyone, very kind giveaway! x