Friday, December 5, 2008

Florida Frost

I love this time of year! Even though I live in Florida and its not quite winter yet, I still get into the spirit. It gets pretty cold where I live. When I think about this time of year I just smile! I thought I'd share with you some Florida frost!


Scarfmonsters said...

I agree, as a fellow Floridian. We might not get snow but I love going outside at night and feeling the chill. I like how it's cold enough for me to wear a scarf, yet I'm not freezing my butt off! I just wish it were cold enough to wear my red peacoat.

That is a really beautiful picture.

BBB said...

If you lived in Wisconsin you might want 10 scarfs from scarfmonsters shop to wear lol. We have like 8 inches of snow already! It's so cold I wont even bring my babykins outside and she has the snow pants! lol. Very pretty picture, wish we had that weather!

Ashley said...

great photograph!