Sunday, December 7, 2008

Featured Tuesday X 2!

Well I didn't get around to featuring last week because it was my Birthday. So today we get two special shops!!

I got this wallet from my best friend for my Birthday. I picked it out but it is my most favorite wallet in my entire life! I love it so much. It holds a ton of stuff and it even has a zippered pouch for change! It is very sturdy and feels like it can hold up for years! I cant even explain how happy I am to have this wallet! You can just tell that she puts a lot of time and love into these! A ++ for quality!!!!

Pinkracoon has great bags! They are quality made and so cute! This one is my favorite! She also has small pouches that can be used to hold pencils, coin purses, ipod pouches and more!

I really love this guy too, he is so fun! Who else would you want to hold your pencils??

Pinkracoon also made my new etsy banner! Isn't it great! She doesn't sell them yet though, lets bug her to start so we can all get one just as neat!
Thanks guys!!


Kathi said...

Yay! Thank you so much for featuring me! This totally made my day! :)

Cut Copy Create said...

some gorgeous shops! ;)

Scarfmonsters said...

IN LOVE with that wallet. I need one!

Licia said...

Teepetals does such detailed wonderful work! I love my little pouch, and what a sweetie :)