Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First blog!

This is my first blog on the new site! Wainbows is my little slice of etsy. I make handcrafted hair accessories for girls of all ages. I dove in on a whim in early September of this year and I havent looked back since. I enjoy every aspect of my etsy shop. I started making alligator clips lined with designer ribbon.

I've recently started induldging in the bobby pin world and I love it! I love picking out my fabric and making the buttons that top them.


Urbanknit said...

cute pins

metafashiongems said...

Wow.. love the colors on your blog! Nice work, I think I will finally get to work on mine also... so what's this about a give a way??? *smile*


Felony3 said...

I love all your clipies Laura, there adorable

cutcopycreate said...

very cute ;)